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How can appraisers evaluate aging condos without docs?

Fannie Mae’s sweeping new national condominium and co-op apartment lending regulations were created to protect residents, but the tough rules do not cover all the problems.

The Home Front

Loop ends year at 64 percent of 2019 pedestrian activity

Pedestrian activity along State Street reached the highest monthly average since before the pandemic.


The dangers of feel-good management

A lot of companies fret about perks like allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. Maybe they should worry more about whether employees are bringing their A game to work.

Howard Tullman

Chicago’s aging condos now under Fannie Mae’s microscope

The 2021 high-rise condominium disaster in Florida soon will have an impact in the Windy City.

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Home loan interest rates hit 20-month high nationwide

Chicago home buyers will pay more for mortgages in the new year, analysts predict.

The Home Front

Winter tryst in Winnipeg

How the coldest city in Canada – and snow pants – warmed an equator-loving traveler’s heart and toes.

Chicago Traveler

Stolen ’64 Mustang breaks heart in Gold Coast

To gain access to the collector car, worth at least $70,000, all the thief needed to do is walk through a broken garage door.

Crime & Safety

Gun and machete part of domestic incident at Marina City

The gun was not loaded, but a 24-year-old woman did not know that as her boyfriend, according to Chicago police, waved a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol at her during an argument at Marina City in December.

Crime & Safety

Top Loop North stories of 2021 were about real estate and crime

Loop North offered a variety of topics to its readers in 2021, but it was stories about real estate and crime and safety that were read the most.

New Media

CPD 18th district holiday tradition pushes through pandemic

It was Christmas as usual for more than 100 Chicago children who might not have otherwise had much of a holiday celebration.

River North

Drink in a story of sobriety: When Harry Met Rehab

Can a play about a recovering alcoholic be funny? Poignant? Telling? Absolutely, yes!

ChicaGO Gal

What is a second mortgage and when should you get one?

Apart from your first home equity loan, there are other reasons you might have to borrow additional funds, and that’s where taking a second mortgage comes into play.


Fed forecast: Era of bargain-rate home loans will end soon

While mortgage rates floated near or below the 3 percent bargain range for most of 2021, thousands of Chicago-area homeowners refinanced their loans. Those who sat on the dock missed the boat.

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