Loop North is a cost-efficient way to reach people who live and/or work in downtown Chicago.

We offer fresh, high-quality content to a sophisticated audience. Every week, we present at least five new stories that target downtown stakeholders, preferring subjects that are under-served by other news outlets.

In 2018, LoopNorth.com averaged 19,383 visits per month from 12,947 unique visitors. According to Google Analytics, half of our visitors live in the Chicago metro area. 62 percent are men and 38 percent are women.

Ages of Loop North visitors (2018)
Ages of Loop North visitors in 2018

We offer tips on upcoming downtown events, MLS listings of condo units for sale and rent, and useful, not-easy-to-obtain information – downtown crime incidents, restaurant health inspections, filming locations, building permits, real estate transfers, and more. Custom programming has been developed to access this data quickly and display it in a user-friendly way.

Your ad will appear on the Loop North News home page and the pages of more than 2,600 news stories, including mobile versions.

Maximum ad sizes (pixels)...

On the mobile site, a 320-pixel-wide display includes your 200-pixel ad and your most recent Twitter post.

Send us your ad and we’ll quote a competitive rate. Here are a few sample rates...

Ad size (pixels)Cost per monthEstimated CPM *
300 x 375$101
300 x 450$121
300 x 600$162
375 x 250$84
375 x 300$101
375 x 375$126
600 x 200$108
600 x 300$162
600 x 400$216


Clicking on your ad will take the visitor to a URL of your choosing. At no extra cost, we will track and automatically display below your ad your most recent Twitter post.

Billed monthly, your invoice will include the total number of impressions, cost per thousand impressions, total number of unique impressions (discounting multiple visits from the same people), total clicks, and total unique clicks. You may cancel at any time.

Or pay ahead for eleven months and get one month for free.

Our advertisers include Royal George Theatre, Shoreline Sightseeing, Tortoise Supper Club, Trump International Hotel & Tower, and Wendella Boats.

For further assistance, please contact Steven Dahlman at 312-508-6444 or sdahlman@loopnorth.com.

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