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Coping with retirement requires adaptation to quickly enter a new rhythm of life.

28-Mar-21 – Retirement involves a change in life. Most people believe that this period in life means the end of a familiar lifestyle – and there is some truth to this. Now you are opening doors to a new period, which is no less attractive than youth.

Remember the beginning of student life or marriage. You went through a period of adaptation to new living conditions. Coping with retirement also requires adaptation, so that you quickly enter a new rhythm of life and stop considering this period as unfavorable or boring.

How to cope with fear of retirement

To prepare mentally for a new stage in your life, get rid of fears and depression, and use the following easing-into-retirement recommendations...

• Forget about stereotypes. Most likely you already have a widespread stereotype that retirement is the end of a familiar life. Try to look at this period as new opportunities in your life. This is the best time to start doing what you like and for which there was not enough time before.

• Put the emphasis correctly. You need to clearly understand that now you have a lot of time to communicate with your family and care about health. But here you need not go too far. Many begin to actively intervene in the lives of their children or constantly visit doctors. In everything, there must be balance and a sober mind.

• Consider this period as a complete dedication to yourself. Most likely you used to have to constantly devote your time to work and family and at the same time devote less and less time to yourself. Think about how many times you put off going to the gym or spa or fishing because of work or family. Right now is the right time to start putting your desires and needs first.

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So, to cope with changes and quickly enter the rhythm of a new period in your life, you need to introduce new rituals into your lifetime. With their help, you will switch the focus from the changes and begin to make the retirement period a wonderful stage.

Daily but reasonable physical activity

Even if you had not gone in for sports before, this does not mean that it is too late to start. You must begin to engage in physical exercises but with a reasonable approach. Morning exercises will be sufficient. But that should be your daily ritual. You can consider yoga, walking, or swimming.

Most likely during work, you did not have enough time to take care of yourself properly. But now it is precisely the time when you need to devote most of your time to yourself. Daily physical activity is a good start to take care of yourself.

Meditation to improve mental health

This should be your next must-do ritual. If you have not practiced meditation before, this does not mean that you should not do it now. Meditation will help you get rid of anxieties that may be associated with life changes. Even if you do not have such experiences, then through meditation you can improve your mental health.

Start with breathing practices for a few minutes. This will be quite enough to focus your attention, calm down, and relax. It is desirable that this becomes your daily ritual.

One hour to rest

Most likely, a new period of life will bring you many new things that will not leave you time to relax. But you must remember that you need to rest. For this reason, you need to devote an hour of your time to a good rest.

It is not necessary at this time to sleep. Do what brings you relaxation and a sense of happiness. You can spend time in the bath, take a walk near the pond, or simply breathe fresh air. But every day you should allocate at least an hour for a full rest or relaxation.

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See your doctors

You need to schedule a visit to doctors. As soon as you retire, you should go for a comprehensive physical examination to understand the overall picture of your health. As soon as the results are ready, talk with your doctor about when you should come in next.

Make a schedule for visiting doctors and try not to focus on visiting the hospital. Retirement does not mean that your health will necessarily get worse, but you should not ignore any symptoms. Of course, this cannot be attributed to daily rituals, but you should not forget that you need to visit a doctor.

Get a hobby

If you already have a hobby, try to pay attention to it daily. Through a hobby, you can maintain mental activity and mental health. If you do not have a hobby, then it’s time to find it.

Remember what you liked to do when there was a lot of free time and what you liked the most. You can also try something new.

Take time for you

Such a new period in life as retirement requires the introduction of new rituals in your life. Consider retirement as a chance to take time for yourself and your health. Now you are free from constant stress from work and lack of time.

Enjoy the fact that now you do not need to oppress your needs and desires. Enjoy how slow the time is and how much you can do now that you could not do before.

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