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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Restaurant.com and CEO

Two shareholders of Restaurant.com picked the wrong state in which to file their complaint against the company and its CEO.

Latest Restaurant.com lawsuit accuses CEO of bringing company to ‘brink of bankruptcy’

Shareholders of Restaurant.com will ask a Cook County Circuit Court judge to fire their CEO and force him to pay back millions of dollars in allegedly ill-gotten gains.

Restaurant.com CEO accused in lawsuit of tanking business for personal gain

Was it honest mismanagement or did the CEO and majority shareholder of Restaurant.com purposely drive the company nearly to bankruptcy so he could profit more from stock he owned?

Condo board rallies but cannot shut down news coverage of federal lawsuit

Two years ago, a Chicago reporter – this reporter – was harassed by his building’s condo board for covering a federal lawsuit against a company with a murky connection to the condo board president.

Chicago Better Business Bureau issues consumer warning about Restaurant.com

The online seller of restaurant gift certificates and cards has ‘failed to alleviate the pattern of complaints,” says the consumer watchdog.

Both sides appeal attorney fee ruling in Restaurant.com case

The judge himself believed litigation was over but appeals have been filed, contesting the award of attorneys’ fees to plaintiff attorneys who after six years won their lawsuit against Restaurant.com.

$1100 penalty for selling gift certificates with faulty fine print

A six-year lawsuit against Restaurant.com is all but over and the company, owned by at least one River North resident, must pay two New Jersey residents just $1,100 for selling them gift certificates with fine print in violation of state law.

Settlement unlikely, agree parties in lawsuit over ads sent by text

A federal lawsuit over ads sent by text is moving forward, with both sides telling the judge they have discussed settlement but do not believe it is likely.

Federal court asked to award ‘substantial’ penalties over complaint against Restaurant.com

The six-year-old federal class-action lawsuit, by two New Jersey residents against an Arlington Heights company run by two River North residents, is almost over. RDC has lost the case and now waits to be told how many millions of dollars they will

Second federal lawsuit filed against Restaurant.com

An Illinois man has responded to unwanted text messages with a federal class action lawsuit against three companies, including Restaurant.com.

Restaurant.com case back in District Court

Restaurant.com loses federal appeal of gift certificate ruling

Complaints linger about Restaurant.com signing up participants against their will

Federal appellate court to hear Restaurant.com arguments

Restaurant.com hopes to avoid penalties as appellate court weighs rulings

Restaurant.com lawsuit dismissed, appealed, dismissed, and...appealed

Restaurant.com again dodges class action lawsuit

Restaurant.com still awaiting fate in federal lawsuit

Attorneys give motion to dismiss Restaurant.com suit one last defense

Attorney urges federal court not to dismiss suit against Restaurant.com

Motion to dismiss in Restaurant.com case

Federal court reinstates consumer claim against Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com dispute waiting for appeals court ruling

Restaurant.com cautionary tale for anyone selling gift certificates

Class action suit against River North-owned company may proceed

Restaurant.com dodges class action lawsuit but served plate full of complaints

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