Six creative ways to generate more leads for your business
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26-Mar-21 – With modern technological advancement, there are several tools and strategies that marketers can use to drive more leads to their business. Whether a personal blog or a business website, every website owner has one question in their mind, how to drive traffic to my business and increase leads?

Every business spends a great amount of time and effort on lead generation. If you want your business to grow and be successful, you need new leads. Without them, your business won’t grow.

With almost every business having an online presence, you must use unique strategies that will help you have an edge over your competitors. To generate sales, you must generate more leads. A great way to achieve this goal is by supplying a stream of sales leads or generating leads on a daily basis.

Innovating new tactics to generate leads is at an all-time high as search engines are getting smarter. With billions of people across the globe having access to the internet, marketers must develop new strategies to increase sales and drive leads for your business.

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Importance of leads

A lead is a person who is interested in buying your company’s goods or services. This happens when a person visits your site and finds a solution to their problem.

With various methods and tactics, you can identify a potential lead through social media, email marketing, advertising, cold calling, and more. Once you have identified the qualified lead, you can nurture and lead them to become a client of your business website.

The success of a business is determined by the number of sales and by having a strong online presence that drives traffic.

Six creative ways to generate more leads

• Referral marketing

84 percent of users trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends about services or products. Your current customers can help spread the word of your business and be the best source of sales.

Providing your clients with the best user experience will result in your brand being referred to new leads and prospects. It is a great way to build awareness through your clients. And a great experience will help your referral marketing and attract more new leads that will help grow your customer database.

• Seek leads on social media

Everyone is online, including your competitors and your leads. Being one of the biggest platforms in promoting your business may not help in increasing your website rank but it will help gain brand awareness and create a one-on-one relationship with your target audience.


Apart from your posts, you can also actively seek leads by networking and connecting with various audiences. Join relevant groups and reach out to people who are associated with your niche and build a personal relationship. By joining these groups you find people who are interested in your product or service.

Another great way is by updating your social profiles with your business name, call-to-actions, location, reviews, etc. You can even add your website link that will direct your prospects to your site to know more about your business or brand.

• Host webinars

Webinars and online workshops are excellent strategies that enable you to engage and interact with people online. Articles and blogs are often one-way conversations but great for sharing knowledge. With webinars, you can teach your prospects and share your expertise in your niche in greater depth.

Each person who signs up for your webinar gives you an opportunity to motivate your prospects in opting for your product or service. If you are an expert in your field – you should be – it will establish trust, credibility, and attract leads to your company.

It also opens doors to prospects who have questions in real-time and allows you to create time-limited offers to engage sales leads. You can host your webinars on your company’s website, or create and host them on other webinar sites.

• Work with influencers

Teaming up with influencers who can review your product or service is a great way to promote your business. Choosing established influencers to endorse your business will make audiences pay closer attention to your site. Reaching out to key influencers will boost leads to both parties within the same niche. Promoting each other’s business on social media will be beneficial to your business and your social profiles.

You can also consider partnering with small businesses in your area by creating a joint campaign that will build credibility and attract new prospects. Hosting or attending events will also open opportunities to meet other business owners as well as potential clients.

• Outbound and inbound marketing

Another great way to market your business is to deploy both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Even though outbound marketing is more effective, inbound marketing will help you generate more leads and grow your business.

Inbound marketing will help reach out to a specific target audience, whereas outbound marketing reaches a wide but uninterested audience. Combining both and implementing a balanced strategy will help you build more clients and establish healthy relationships with your customers.

• Live chat users

Modern technology has come a long way. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped many businesses promote their business. One such technology is a Live Chatbot that can be personalized to match your company’s goals.


Whenever a prospect visits your site, the chatbot can appear on the screen with a welcome message. It can also answer commonly asked questions, qualify sales leads, book meetings and appointments, and so much more.

With help of a chatbot, you can review the conversation with a potential lead and learn more about your prospect’s needs. Accordingly, you can improve the responses of your chatbot to help you sell your product or service better.

Apart from the basic strategies that you implement in generating leads, you can use these creative ways to boost sales and at the same time establish a strong online presence.


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