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The lawsuit claims KSN has filed more than 500 lawsuits in Cook County in the past year to collect past-due assessments.

24-Jan-24 – A class action lawsuit has been filed against condominium law firm Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, accusing the firm of allegedly unlawfully attempting to collect unpaid association fee debts from unit owners.

The plaintiffs, Kathy Michael and Olivia Sorisho, allege that the firm violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by engaging in illegal credit and collection practices.

The lawsuit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court on January 9 by attorney Mario Kris Kasalo of Skokie.

The plaintiffs claim that Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit attempted to collect a debt from them, even though the plaintiffs claim they are disputing the alleged debt.

The alleged debt included past due monthly assessments, legal fees, costs, and other charges related to their condominium property located on West Foster Avenue in Chicago.

The plaintiffs further allege that the defendant’s first communication with them regarding the alleged debt was a form letter titled “NOTICE AND DEMAND,” which they received via both certified and regular mail. They argue that this notice did not meet the requirements set out under the FDCPA for validating debts.

Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit is accused of having filed over 500 lawsuits in Cook County within the last year to collect such past-due condominium assessments from consumers.