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How to build a successful career in the real estate market – 2022 edition.

20-Feb-22 – Over the years, real estate has grown into a thriving business with many career opportunities.

As the population grew, the demand for comfortable housing has fueled the growth of the real estate business. This has resulted in the creation of over a billion homes – and opening up of tracts of land where other businesses can profitably flourish. The market offers a great number of professions in that field – investor, attorney, manager, even real estate photographer, for instance.

Making a career in real estate

A lot of people dream of making a successful career, but not everyone can choose the best area for professional self-realization. Those who decide to work in real estate should keep in mind that they will have to work in a highly competitive environment. In addition, the real estate market is highly susceptible to crises, which can easily leave you without a job. Nevertheless, this area is very promising. In a period of economic growth, you can count on a rapid increase in income and career development.

So, what about a career in real estate? This niche offers a huge number of variations and opportunities. Before starting, we highly recommend discovering all the required qualities, and deciding what option is best suited for you.

Together with Jooble company, we prepared a list of the most promising jobs in real estate you can consider.

Top 7 real estate jobs

1 Real estate investor

Real estate investors can be active or passive. Active investors buy and sell real estate or support a contractor who buys property for resale. Passive investors usually buy property, wait until someone gets interested in it, and then sells it for a profit.

2 Real estate attorney

In this position, you act as a tenant advocate and counsel before any major real estate purchase to avoid litigation. A real estate attorney is a good position if you want to further your education outside real estate and build a stellar career.

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3 Commercial leasing manager

The commercial leasing manager is always on the lookout for market shocks to adapt to the budgets of the businesses he or she works with.

4 Corporate real estate manager

Corporate real estate managers are professionals hired by companies to help them manage their properties. This position requires you to be highly experienced and licensed to prove your reliability. In addition, you need to convince the company that your experience can help them fulfill the purposes and make a profit.

5 Commercial appraiser

A commercial appraiser mainly deals with anything related to the valuation of real estate. His or her responsibilities are shared between the office and the community as he or she conducts only a part of the property appraisal. It remains one of the real estate professions that require you to have a license.

6 Commercial real estate agent

Such an agent usually helps businesses find locations that will increase their sales level. This could mean renting office space or finding the perfect location for a bakery business. It is one of the best career paths in the real estate industry if you are good at data analysis and research.

7 Real estate manager

The property manager is responsible for the maintenance of the real estate, both residential and commercial. Sometimes they can act as leasing agents, offering to get acquainted with the tenants of the property. However, acting in these capacities depends on the size of the property and the skills of the property manager.

A few words to conclude

A career in real estate is very rewarding as property is always highly valued and never depreciated. Choosing a career should never be a hasty decision, as it will determine the direction that your life will take over the years. Decide to do your best, and you will definitely succeed in any career.