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Today, there are several AWS certifications available for the Cloud engineers who want to validate their skills. Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional is one of the credentials that are highly appreciated in the industry.

This track is made up of just one exam, which the individuals must ace to become certified.

ExamCollection Amazon AWS Certification Practice Test

By obtaining this professional-level certification, you clearly demonstrate your possession of technical knowledge and skills in designing, operating, and deploying applications along with infrastructure on AWS. But how can you get this badge without obstacles in your way? Let’s discuss the main aspects.

Basic exam information

The prerequisite exam for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certificate is known as SAP-C01. It lasts 180 minutes and has the minimum passing score of 75%. The test is done at a cost of $300 and can be taken online or at any nearest center. The languages of the SAP-C01 exam delivery are English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

The main aim of the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification and its exam is to evaluate the applicants’ knowledge across specific key areas, which AWS has defined as being able to:

• Select suitable AWS services to design as well as deploy an application depending on the given requirements;

• Implement cost-control strategies;

• Design and deploy dynamic scalability, fault-tolerant, high availability, and reliable applications on AWS;

• Migrate complex and multi-tier applications on Amazon Web Services.

The Amazon SAP-C01 exam comes with the questions corresponding to five different topics, with each domain contributing to the total percentage of the candidates’ overall score. Basically, these areas are broken down in this certification test as follows:

Amazon Web Services

Domain 1: Migration planning (15%);

Domain 2: Cost control (12.5%);

Domain 3: Design for organization complexity (12.5%);

Domain 4: Continuous improvement for existing solutions (29%);

Domain 5: Design for new solutions (31%).

As for the format, multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions constitute the exam structure.

Exam preparation options

The recommended preparation tools for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification test include formal training supervised by the instructors, self-paced online courses, and self-study using guides and other available resources such as exam dumps and group discussions.

Once you complete your training and study all the necessary materials, you will feel like you are ready to attempt the Amazon SAP-C01 exam. But before that, try taking practice tests to find out if you are truly prepared. By using exam dumps over and over again, you can dig deeper into the areas you haven’t mastered well and reinforce the knowledge and skills required to excel in your certification test on your first try.


Build your AWS expertise by pursuing the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification and open up limitless opportunities for your career growth. The Cloud practitioners are in high demand by many top companies. Make use of exam dumps to prepare for the SAP-C01 test and become a certified specialist today to reap the benefits that come with this sought-after credential.

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