Display upcoming downtown Chicago events from your website...

It’s free. Every day, Loop North adds new information about things to do in downtown Chicago, particularly things downtown residents can walk to, are free, low-cost or for a worthy cause.

Also, any special announcements such as bridge closures.

For each event, we keep track of the date and time (and stop displaying when it expires), location, cost, organization name, and URL for more information. Wherever possible, each event is illustrated.

A MAP link will display the location on a map. MORE INFO will open a new window and display information from the event host organization’s website.

No ads – just a logo or quick news promo and contact info so that your readers can submit events.

The event feed has no specific title so that you may display whatever title you want to use.

To start displaying events, insert the following tag into any HTML page...

<SCRIPT src="https://www.loopnorth.com/cgi-bin/event.pl?FD,300,600" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>

Press Ctrl+C to copy the above text to the clipboard, then Ctrl+V to paste it into your HTML.


  • Instead of 300, this number can be any larger display width, expressed in pixels.
  • Instead of 600, this number can be any number (1-99) of events to display (with events happening today or soon appearing first) or any specific display height, expressed in pixels.

Questions? Please email sdahlman@loopnorth.com.